Digital connection in an emotionally disconnected world

Do digital connections bridge the gaps between us or increase them? Siddhi Ganesh Chavan takes a look at the difference between what we want and what we need. This is the first in a series on media technology and practices.

Love in lockdown: 5 date ideas for surviving 6.0

As millions of Melbournian couples currently experience their sixth state-wide lockdown, keeping the romance alive requires some outside the box thinking and commitment. Lachlan Robb reports

World-first pride centre opens in St Kilda

The new pride centre on Fitzroy St in St Kilda, which opened yesterday, is an architecture of inclusion, its designer says. Fletcher Ellwood reports.

The cafe of dangerous ideas

Spending a Friday evening sharing supper with people who share different views to you, intending to have an open and civil discussion, might sound…