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Nomadland effortlessly captures the beauty of simple things

Frances McDormand delivers a great performance in Chloe Zhao’s emotional drama Nomadland, a melancholic and insightful story of grief and soul searching. Jennifer Pittorino’s review is the latest in a series on Oscar winners.

Another Round is another win for Denmark

Thomas Vinterberg’s film Another Round is a delight and showcases the best of Danish superstar Mads Mikkelsen. Taran Pannu continues his series on Oscar wining and nominated films.

Heartfelt family drama a win for Korean acting legend

Minari is a story of togetherness and of the difficulties migrants face. This review by Taran Pannu’s is the first in a series featuring this year’s Academy Award nominated and winning films.

Disney+ takes Marvel into a whole new super universe

Now with a streaming service as well as cinemas in their grasp, Marvel Studios has changed the way they tell their stories. Dante Franco analyses the impact of this new chapter in the Marvel franchise, including its potential downsides.