The Standard is at the centre of the Swinburne University Journalism program. It recognises that journalism is a skill that is best learnt by doing and that often the deepest learning happens between first-draft and publication. Rather than simply submit first-draft-quality work for assessment, student reporters continue to craft their copy, seek out new voices and quotes, test the assumptions of their writing, check and re-check their facts and resolve the legal and ethical issues that relate to their stories.

Through this, students are exposed to the realities and responsibilities of research, writing, production and publication. The Standard is based on the concept that students improve skills by doing real work for the public and the public benefits from the work being undertaken by the students. So The Standard’s mission is to tell stories that matter for general audiences, which in turn sharpen the journalistic skills of the students.

Charter of Editorial Integrity

The Standard showcases journalism by students at Swinburne University. It reports on issues of public interest for a wide readership and strives for the highest standards of integrity and accuracy. The Standard is a training ground for the many reporting and media production skills required for journalism. It is committed to publishing stories that reflect the realities and complexity of our world. It aims to foster greater understanding of the challenges and dilemmas of professional journalism within a changing industry.

The Standard exercises editorial freedom and acknowledges that this carries with it a responsibility for fairness, balance, accuracy and ethical conduct. The Standard practises independent journalism free of commercial, political or other vested interests of students, staff and the university. The Standard complies with the principles of the Australian Press Council (http://www.presscouncil.org.au/statements-of-principles/) and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance Code of Ethics (http://www.alliance.org.au/code-of-ethics.html) and is committed to correcting errors promptly.

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Editor: Corinna Hente chente@swin.edu.au