City pastures: Growing for a change

Picture by @markusspiske / unsplash
There are better ways to work with what we have to produce food that is good for us. Diana Breen talks to some innovators.
Picture by @markusspiske / unsplash

Climate change and global warming is a rapidly growing problem that is affecting us all. The way we produce, transport and use our food is having a massive impact on the health of our planet. So how can policy-makers, businesses and we as citizens, reassess and reboot our food system for the better?

From growing food without using soil, turning our backyards into food-growing farms and regenerating the biology of our soils, Diana Breen explores alternative methods of food production taking place in Australia as well as the people at the forefront of implementing them.

Interviewed for this documentary:
Prue and Tom Bauer, Founders of Airgarden Australia
Koren Helbig – digital marketing strategist, Journalist/Columnist, Blogger
Andrew Meseha, CEO of Urban Green Farms