‘Just do it’: why you should seek out discomfort

"Just do it", is diving into discomfort really that simple? Photo by Adriano Brodbeck from Pexels.
Olivia Kosmas learns why people choose to step outside their familiar boundaries and how pushing past the comfort zone could change your life.

There is a habitual need to stay within the zones of what we know. And, whether it’s studying something new or parachuting from a plane, moving beyond these self-imposed limits can be scary.

But without discomfort, we can become complacent, missing out or avoiding new opportunities that broaden our understanding of the world and contribute to our development of self.

Olivia Kosmas is a creature of habit looking to understand the secret to stepping outside of the comfort zone with her documentary Learning how to seek discomfort.

Kosmas speaks with some thrill-seekers and clinical psychologist Dr Chris Ludlow to learn why people seek out discomfort, the benefits of doing so, and how it has changed their perspectives.