‘Education will be the answer’: the consumer shift to slow fashion

Slow fashion, changing the consumer mindset to invest in a sustainable fashion future. Image: Unsplash by freestocks.
Fast fashion is on-trend, it’s cheap and its “now” factor is wreaking havoc on the environment. Chloe Hondrokostas delves into the world of fast fashion to uncover its harmful impacts.

The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to global pollution, with many consumers unaware of the environmental consequences of their disposable fast fashion choices.

Slowing Down The Fashion Industry, produced by Chloe Hondrokostas, looks at the negative impact of fast fashion and promotes a consumer shift toward the rising slow fashion industry as a solution.

Industry professionals, including a consumer behaviour expert, fashion graduate, sustainable swimwear designer and fashion educator, discuss the changes consumers can make that will lead to a more sustainable future.

The documentary emphasises the importance of consumer education and brand transparency, advocating the benefits of investing in slow fashion’s quality and longevity.