The all-day WA songlist: music to get you ready for the AFL Grand Final

Music editor Eddie Russell has the soundtrack you need to celebrate the AFL's biggest day, this year being held in Perth

The AFL Grand Final will be held in Perth for the first time in the history of the game. So here is a songfest that celebrates WA music – a playlist to listen to throughout the day to prepare for tone of the biggest days in the Australian sport calendar. 

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For killing time

Given all modern Grand Finals bar the last two have started at 3:20pm, the late start time of 7.15pm is a killer – what are we supposed to do all day? Here’s an answer to that question. 

Old Man – Stella Donnelly
While the lyrical themes are quite heavy, this is a jangly and breezy song that will refuse to let you be in a bad mood. So, even if Melbourne’s winter is lingering, this will remind you of the sunny days to come. 

The all-day WA songlist: music to get you ready for the AFL Grand Final
Stella Donnelly. Spacey Jane. Picture: Facebook

Awkward – San Cisco
Another light indie track serving as an entrée to the main course. The poppy melodies will help ease the nerves a bit. 

Being Alone – Flossy
For Victorians, who are locked up for a second consecutive year for the occasion, it’s tough knowing we would usually be celebrating with friends and family. Alt-rock trio Flossy nail the grungy sound of the mid ‘90s here. 

Too Much Time Together – San Cisco
Ah, the duality of humans. I know the loneliness of lockdown is something most people are feeling, but for those we do live with, it can be getting a little stale. Maybe get some fresh air for a while and catch a break for a bit. 

The all-day WA songlist: music to get you ready for the AFL Grand Final
Flossy. Picture: Facebook

Footy With the Boys – Dennis Cometti
As is Grand Final Day tradition, go have a kick with a mate or two (lockdown restrictions permitting) down at the local oval. This garage punk track is played to best effect when streaming into the forward-50 and kicking a goal. Celebrate accordingly.

Greg’s Chemist Discount – Carla Geneve
After that extensive stretching of the hamstrings, you are likely going to need to concoct a cocktail of pail killers, Deep Heat and Elastoplast. And there’s only one place that will have all three guaranteed – the local chemist. 

Drift – Great Gable
Ease the tempo and temperature down with this smooth, soulful tune from the great Great Gable, who manage to emulate the surfy reggae tones of Ocean Alley and Lime Cordiale and forge their own distinctive fingerprint at the same time.

Ubu – Methyl Ethel
A cracking track that will redirect your focus to the intensity of the game and the weight of the stakes involved. Methyl Ethel, which is the moniker for singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer Jake Webb, nails the definition of a “head-bopper”. 

For getting into the mood

Now that the day has progressed a bit and the anticipation is building, it’s time to focus more on the first bounce. 

It Is Not Meant To Be – Tame Impala
Unfortunately, someone has to lose tonight – it is important to remember fate might not fall in your favour. Kevin Parker, mastermind of Tame Impala, deals with disappointment and dissatisfaction on this psychedelic track with hypnotic guitars and swelling rhythms.

The all-day WA songlist: music to get you ready for the AFL Grand Final
Spacey Jane. Picture: Facebook

Good for You – Spacey Jane
As the saying goes: be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. This upbeat surf rock number from the new darlings of the Perth scene is a timely reminder that no one likes a sore loser, so if the result doesn’t go your way, remember to congratulate the victors.

Paint Me Silver – Pond
One team will hoist the silver chalice after the final siren sounds. This cruisy song is from psychedelic band Pond, made up of the members who tour with Kevin Parker for Tame Impala shows.

Beware of the Dogs – Stella Donnelly 
The sombre title track of the Fremantle native’s debut album acts as a cautionary tale for the Demons. The Dogs, who were backed up against the wall at the start of their finals campaign, have fought through three games in three states and look as ferocious as ever.

Straightfaced – Spacey Jane
It wouldn’t be a Grand Final without a few light beverages to wet the whistle. For your sake, we hope you are straight-faced rather than shit-faced at this stage of the event, because if it’s the latter, you probably won’t see much of the game. 

Twilight Driving – Methyl Ethel
For the second time, footy’s biggest day will start in the late evening (to accommodate Victorian broadcast times). From new wave indie artist Methyl Ethel, Twilight Driving is a fitting tribute to the ongoing night-time experiment. 

One More Hour – Tame Impala
As light fades, start preparing for action – the game kicks off at 7.15pm AEST, so recommended play time is about 6.15pm. Closing out Kevin Parker’s latest synth dominated album, this formulaically quiet/loud tune is a perfect way to begin building the anticipation to the big dance. 

For the pre-game warmup

With the suspense starting to eat away at you, it’s time to let the excitement out and get in the rhythm of the fast-paced action. 

WAXIT – Dennis Cometti
Fast, hard garage punk that satirises a Brexit-style WA succession from mainland Australia – a dash of Perth pride doesn’t go amiss for the occasion. 

Television Addict – The Victims 
Written by Hoodoo Gurus front man and songwriter in the late 70’s, you’ll be glued to the screen by this stage as the tension grows and the banners fly. 

I Want You – Flossy
At the end of the day, the team who goes home with the cup all comes down to who wants it more. Flossy give us electric guitar glory with a riveting tune. 

The all-day WA songlist: music to get you ready for the AFL Grand Final
Tame Impala. Spacey Jane. Picture: Facebook

Elephant – Tame Impala
Quintessential stadium stomper will rock the house and pump the adrenaline for fans. This number has been played at places like Coachella and Glastonbury, so get your strobe lights out and pretend you’re at the Optus Stadium itself. 

Leaving Home – Jebediah
This analogy works as a double-edged sword – while the Grand Final has left its spiritual home in the colosseum-like MCG, the cup will return to either the Western suburbs of Footscray or the inner-city Dees’ heartland. 

Snakeskin – Gyroscope
Coming in at #16 in the 2007 edition of the Triple J Hottest 100, the chorus of this hard rock song proclaims: “Staying here will only breed obsession, and I’m already obsessed”. This couldn’t be truer for a contest that looks to be a titillating and thrilling contest. 

The all-day WA songlist: music to get you ready for the AFL Grand Final
Dennis Cometti. Picture: Facbook

Watercolour – Pendulum
This drum and bass banger is a staple of the early 2010’s soundscape and is an excellent rev up which builds into a huge drop and pulsating beats. Definitely one to play just before the bounce for maximum impact. 

The aftermath

If Melbourne win:
Apocalypse Dreams – Tame Impala
With the past 18 months, or year, heck even the last few days, it’s easy to feel like the apocalypse has come. But for the Demons, it will be a jubilant send off to a club tormented for 57 years. 

If Melbourne lose:
Beautiful Waste – The Triffids
Sometimes, fairy tales are exactly that – make believe. If that’s the case, it’s a beautiful waste of a classic redemption story and one that will be felt hard by fans. 

If Bulldogs win:
Weightless – Spacey Jane
The Dogs will have broken through all barriers for a second time in five years if they achieve victory tonight, and with the help of star forward, young upstart Cody Weightman, they could float. 

If Bulldogs lose:
Taste – Great Gable
The western suburbs have had a taste of premiership glory before but haven’t known the ultimate bitterness of falling short at the last hurdle. If this is the case, now they know.