Love and other obstacles: the Covid wedding experience

All you need is love ... resilience and a flexible wedding plan. Image: Unsplash by Wedding Dreamz.
Considerations, compromises and contingencies. Ishitha Semitha documents how three couples have navigated the wedding planning process during a global pandemic.

Produced by Ishitha SemithaCOVID Weddings follows three couples—Kelvin and Linda, Tash and Oscar, and Michelle and Jesse—who discuss the impact of Covid-19 on their wedding day experiences.

The documentary explains the struggles faced by each couple during the planning process with lockdown restrictions, closed borders, and the move to online communication and virtual events. It also looks at how they overcame these obstacles to carry out their special day.

COVID Weddings notes the considerable role technology played in the process and explores whether the uncertainty of the pandemic has changed the idea of a “traditional wedding” either culturally or personally for any of the couples.