The psychedelics renaissance—creative, clinical and currently illegal

They might be prohibitive substances but do psychedelics have a place in modern society? Image: Pexels by Merlin lightpainting.
Psychedelics have made a resurgence in clinical and creative settings, but not everyone's convinced illegal drug use has a place in society. Will Michael talks to psychedelic users and industry professionals to find out more.

There’s been a renaissance in the use of psychedelics, with Silicon Valley popularising their use for creative purposes, and mental health research is now being funded to explore the potential of psychedelics in a clinical setting.  

Its a resurgence for drugs that rose to prominence in the 1940s and became popular during the counter-culture movement of the ’60s and ’70s, though their use traces as far back as the ancient Greeks and Amazons. 

Will Michael explores the place of psychedelics in modern society and discusses some of the benefits and challenges to their use and implementation. His documentary, Psychedelic Rennaisance, shares the personal experiences of several psychedelic users and draws on research and knowledge of people in the field to better understand psychedelics and the attitudes toward them.