Impact felt from grassroots to the elite: Australian rules in a post-Covid world

Down but not out, the football community have struggled throughout the pandemic. Image: Flikr by Stephen Edmonds.
At every level, Covid-19 has changed Australian rules football. Jack Bennett talks to three industry insiders about the threat to the game they love.

The Covid-19 pandemic threw the entire AFL industry into disarray and put the long-term prosperity and survival of the game under the microscope. 

It’s had implications at various industry levels, affecting supporters, players and management, putting considerable pressure on the financial, social and mental wellbeing of the Australian Rules community.

Snap lockdowns and restrictions have continued to plague the slow return to normality, and while the time apart has rattled some its provided others with a renewed appreciation for the sport.

Australian Rules in a post-Covid-19 world, produced by Jack Bennett, talks to AFLW player Mietta Kendall, leading sports management and marketing guru Dr Adam Karg, and Sandringham FC president Nick Johnstone about how Covid has impacted their beloved game.