Cosplay: it’s so much more than dressing up

Image by tunechick83 from Pixabay

Cosplay is a combination of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. The participants of this type of performance art, known as cosplayers, wear costumes and accessories to represent their favourite characters. Aiming to portray the characters as accurately as possible, the cosplayers often behave, speak and act like them. Every year, in cities around the world, cosplayers take part in cosplay conventions and events such as Comic Con and Supanova, where they can show others their costumes, compete with other cosplayers, or just have fun by being in touch with other like-minded people.

In this audio documentary, Mariana Firmino Da Silva Ferro explores the cosplayers’ experiences and challenges in practicing their hobby (or passion) under others’ sometime prejudicial and judgmental views, and finds out whether this negativity from other people demotivates them or make them stronger in pursuing their interests inside the cosplay world. We hear different cosplayers reporting their personal involvement with cosplaying, finding points of similarities and differences in their experiences. We also aim to find out whether the cosplay community helps keep players motivated.