Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

That sinking feeling

While sinkholes are considered natural phenomenon, experts believe human activity is increasing their prevalence, writes Vincent Dwyer.

The true disbelievers

Atheism is on the increase in Australia with a study showing only 1.8 million Australians attend a church service each week. Douglas Thompson reports.

Boats, beef and Bali

Breeanna Tirant reports on perceptions of Indonesia and the way in which it is portrayed in Australian media as part of an innovative project to foster understanding between journalism students at Swinburne and Indonesia’s Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. Each worked on stories answering questions set by the other about their respective countries.

No more haze

Changing social attitudes towards smoking are saving Australian lives, reports Lina Mitri.


Graduates struggle to find work

Thirty per cent of young Australians are either unemployed or under-employed and unpaid internships are replacing entry-level jobs. Michael Hookey reports.

Regulating opinion in Australia

An international study has found that Australia has the highest concentration of media ownership. Justin Currie-Smith explains media diversity and the massive influence of News Corp.