Surviving Hazelwood shutdown

Job cuts in Victoria’s eastern power industry have left hundreds of workers struggling to find a stable career. Ryan Malcolm reports.


Graduates struggle to find work

Thirty per cent of young Australians are either unemployed or under-employed and unpaid internships are replacing entry-level jobs. Michael Hookey reports.

Job training for school-aged refugees

A school-based apprenticeship at Werribee Plains Gardens is among the job training initiatives helping young refugees adapt to language, lifestyle and education challenges in Australia, writes Sylvia Kovacevic.

Three brown suitcases

A mother migrates with her two children from Vietnam to Australia for a better education, but they soon find it isn’t that easy, writes Alex Chapman.

The cost of public holidays

Many businesses choose to shut on public holidays but for some businesses their best trade is on a public holiday, Julia Hende reports.

Experience the key to job search

A new program is providing a stepping stone for young job seekers, but there may be better ways to combat youth unemployment, reports Justin Currie-Smith

Young and exploited

Many young people are not aware of their workplace rights and are too afraid to stand up to their employers, writes Amy Collins