Serving up about sexism

Hospitality workers in Melbourne are speaking out about the “lad” culture ingrained in the industry and why it’s not being talked about. Imogen Hartmann reports.

A Catalan’s struggle

Chef Gerard Curto Rodríguez has watched from afar the harsh response to moves in his native Catalonia to break away from Spain. Lewis de Zoete reports.

Retail rage

A recent study found almost nine of every 10 retail and fast food workers have been verbally abused. What does that mean for students juggling work and study? Madeline Bourn investigates.

Backyards calling

With a recent study showing few musicians earn more than $10,000 per year, some are seeking innovative ways to make ends meet. Shaun Perry reports.

Waiting to be served with fairness

Ex-sales staff at a Melbourne shoe shop say they’re still feeling the pinch of exploitation and favouritism months after leaving the store. Dominic Rogers reports.