Sport, gambling “all woven into one”

“You can nearly bet on two flies crawling up a wall.” A veteran Melbourne farrier and horse trainer and his schoolteacher son tell Sophie Hastings about their concerns over changes in gambling.

Brad bounces back

In his eighth year at the Melbourne show as a stunt bike rider, Brad Burch has recovered from serious injury, writes Shelby Garlick.

The freestyle high

Despite the dangers, 32 year-old Robbie Marshall is taking freestyle motocross to new heights, writes Breeanna Tirant.

High hopes for a stunt diver

Fred Pryor is making a big splash as a stunt diver and has even bigger dreams – but first there is a small matter of high school, writes Nicolas Rivet.

Female athletes shine

There is a myth that the relative lack of media exposure of women’s sporting events is due to a gender gap in ability, writes Alex Chapman.

Melbourne teens make baseball history

Melbourne’s young baseball players take their talents to America, but have a motivation greater than personal success in mind, reports Alex Chapman.

Muay Thai combat is “my meditation”

The martial art of Muay Thai is increasingly popular in Australia. A record crowd of more than 56,000 attended a controversial contest at Etihad Stadium late last year. Patrick Minkowski reports.