Controversial GP Is Indi candidate

Wangaratta farmer and general practitioner, Julian Fidge, is the controversial candidate for the Australian Country Party in Indi. Taylor Prescott reports.

Dutton defends detention and Dickson

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton may have sparked outrage among opponents of Australia’s tough asylum seeker policies, but he seems set to comfortably hold the once-marginal Queensland seat of Dickson, write Alex Catalano and Breanna Harris.

Experts say no to maths and science policy

With youth mental illness rates increasing, students and mental health professsionals oppose the Coalition’s plan to make mathematics and science compulsory in Year 12. Holley Gawne reports.

Gearing not negative, says analyst

Some politicians and voters blame negative gearing for the current lack of housing affordability but analysts say there are many factors at play. Vincent Dwyer reports.

Arts crucial in an innovative nation

Arts advocates big spending promises to attract science and technology students overlook the importance of the arts, writes Shelby Garlick.

Wilson won’t walk on same-sex vote

Tim Wilson has a liberal-minded vision for Goldstein despite following the Liberal Party’s conservative rules, writes Alex McGilvray.