Doctor promises strong medicine for Prahran

A paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Dr Katie Allen aims to regain Prahran for the the Liberal Party at the Victorian election. Abbey Thorpe reports.

Tarneit church loses faith

A church in Tarneit says double the amount of charity work in the area would only scratch the surface. Oscar Perri reports.

Liberal contests ALP’s “good place”

Glenn Goodfellow is getting ready for an uphill battle as the Liberal candidate in the safe Labor seat of Tarneit. Madeline Bourn reports.

Venue closure fears – up in smoke

Patrons can breathe easy this summer, as it’s unlikely the new smoking laws will bankrupt your favourite venue, writes Joshua Resnick.

Young to fight fires regardless

Young people volunteer to fight fires, despite long-running political and union disputes over the state fire service, writes Edwina Williams.

Face off at move to unmask protesters

Victoria Police have asked for new powers to unmask and remove potentially violent protesters. Their request may soon be granted if a Bill passes its final stage in Victoria’s upper house. Joshua Resnick reports.

Live or let die

Will religious beliefs decide the outcome of voting on moves in State Parliament to introduce euthanasia in Victoria? Helena Abdou reports.

Why US leaders fail to fix the economy

A former legal adviser to Vice President Joe Biden questions Barack Obama’s reforms on multinational tax evasion during a Melbourne visit. Donal Shiel reports.