The games people playlist

Changes in access to music are influencing our preferences, writes Tori Goldsbrough

Playing a blinder

Oliver Oglethorpe, a 19-year-old blind footballer with an intellectual disability, is fulfilling his childhood dream. Jack Bennett reports.

Nurses say no to harassment

A powerful essay by a nurse on sexual harassment by patients.has sparked an industry conversation. Therese McMahon reports.

The Bär Sound of Mr. Bungle

Saxophonist Bär McKinnon reflects on his music, experiences and his role in one America’s strangest bands. Timothy Bottams reports

Cameras in trucks “breach personal space”

The installation of driver-facing cameras in Australian trucks has sparked serious privacy concerns in the trucking community. Samantha McCombe reports.

When your illness isn’t “official”

Having a chronic illness is difficult enough. But what happens when your ailment isn’t even recognised? Carla Deale reports.

The “Endo” agony

“There is only so much pain somebody can take.” Molly Jones reports on the ongoing ordeal for women living with Endometriosis.

Schools act on environment

Schools across Ballarat are doing their part to take care of our environment. Chelsea Byrne reports.