The Grand Final rematch

Cathy McGowan is facing a fiercely contested rematch with former MP Sophie Mirabella. The Independent candidate has no illusion about the fight she faces to retain the north Victorian seat of Indi she won in the last federal election. She likens the election to a sporting event or “rematch”. Imogen Bailey, Georgina Gibb and Ellena Arvanitakis report.

Elderly seek help in retirement

A community group in Dunkley is calling for more funds to be allocated to retiree services, reports Ruby O’Brien

Same sex marriage okay in Kooyong

Experts say that the formally conservative electorate of Kooyong will back same-sex marriage legalisation in the upcoming election, report Charlotte McDonald and Calin Barker

Students given more opportunities to study abroad

A federal government initiative is offering Australian students the chance to study abroad in the Asia-Pacific region. The New Colombo Plan aims to gives students more opportunities…

Refugee women abuse concern

Australia’s challenging conditions for immigrants is making it difficult for refugee women to seek help with issues of domestic violence, reports Vincent Dwyer.

Giving shelter

Carrical House has saved many homeless Victorians from unsafe and overcrowded shelters, offering them a home and community with respect, dignity and hope. Simeon Bisas reports.

Cheese, please?

Melbourne may pride itself on providing some of the best blues, bries and goudas. But cheese experts say it still has a way to go to match the best, Christine Byllaardt writes.

Agents under-quote the young, says agent

Young buyers are struggling to negotiate house prices amid claims many are victims of misleading prices listed by real estate agents. Jessica Baum reports.