Man of Steel

Sam Bramham likes a joke, but his devotion to his Paralympics training and helping disabled children is no laughing matter. Emalee Sacco reports.

Removing the road blocks of anxiety

Swinburne University student Jason English knows just how crippling anxiety can be for students. He wants greater awareness of the disorder, Holley Gawne reports.

School of hard knocks

Rejection by Yale prompted Dan Hunter, Dean of Swinburne University’s Law School to switch from commercial law to academia, he tells Holley Gawne.

Behind the buffer zones

Pro-life group The Helpers maintains a prayer vigil and protest outside an East Melbourne abortion clinic. But does it offer kindly assistance or harass and intimidate patients? Claudia Alp investigates.

Top cop walks the Facebook beat

A senior police officer is using social media to connect the community and prevent crime, as Anthony Pinda reports.

Openly proud Aussie’s hidden fear

The Chinese people have a strong sense of ethnic solidarity as Sons or Daughters of the Yellow Emperor. Rachel Martens speaks to a young Chinese man, now an Australian citizen, who fears that his children will ‘lose’ a sense of their glorious heritage.

Pats for patients

A chihuahua-cross is proving a best friend to the terminally ill, as Katherine Powell reports.