Smalltown songman

Adrian Darakai’s songs ‘have made him a local legend around the Gippsland town of Warragul. Alyssa Fritzlaff reports.

Spreading the iPhone jams

Singer-songwriter Jimmy Harwood is making waves in the Melbourne music scene. Samuel Baiguerra reports.

Being a Mr.Bungle

An Australia Post worker is a core member of one of the strangest American bands of the nineties. Timothy Bottams reports.

Musicians Anonymous

Branford Gruar introduces us to Musicians Anonymous and three recovering music addicts. Drawing on his own experience as a composer, producer and performer, Branford…

Digging deep for hip-hop

Tucked away from the main entrance to the Victorian Arts Centre, young Melburnians are learning to realise their Hip-Hop dreams, writes Donal Sheil, who recommends headphones to enhance the audio experience of this article.


Triple J the music industry’s Holy Grail?

Musicians in countless Australian bands dream of being discovered by Triple J. But is the radio station as influential in determining success as some believe? Mia Burgess reports.