A veteran’s battle with bureaucracy

Veterans advocate John McNeill, who endured a seven-year wait to have all his claims processed, is helping others in their dealings with DVA, Caitlyn Quinn reports.

The online fitness fantasy

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to go on social media without getting caught up in the global fitness craze. But becoming obsessed with this trend can be harmful, Kelly Masters reports.

Mental illness stigma at work

With rates of mental illness as high as ever, sufferers and mental health professionals alike agree that more support is needed in the workplace. Holley Gawne reports.

Suicide link to family violence

Domestic violence is contributing to a 13-year peak in suicide rates, according to the head of a national anti-violence organization. Scott Renton reports.

Trouble in the country

Men in remote areas are 2.6 times more likely to end their lives by suicide than those in metropolitan areas, according to a report by the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare. And country women are at risk too. Shelby Garlick reports.