When your illness isn’t “official”

Having a chronic illness is difficult enough. But what happens when your ailment isn’t even recognised? Carla Deale reports.

My Health: privacy vs. productivity

Medical professionals and the public express their opinions on the safety of the government’s new program, the My Health Record. Caitlin Doyle reports.

New skin, new life

Tattoo removal is giving clients a chance of starting over, reports Thomas Cunningham.

The rise of ‘airy-fairy’ medicine

Dissatisfied patients are turning away from traditional Western medicine and towards alternatives that are yet to be proven safe, successful or reliable, reports Tarnay Sass.

Super babies

An increasing number of childless couples are accessing their superannuation to pay for IVF. But what of the long-term cost? Georgia Smith reports.

Chemist caps sales to Chinese customers

A member of a large Australian chemist chain is capping sales of pharmaceutical products to Chinese customers to prevent bulk-buying for export to China, writes Amy Collins.