Ben Schneiders, investigative journalist at The Age

“If you report a story, people will criticise you, challenge the facts and the way it’s written. You get increasingly thick-skinned about it. It would be hard to survive if you were thin-skinned.” Age investigative reporter Ben Schneiders talks to Julia Hende about the challenges in the job.

Gabriella Coslovich, arts journalist and author

“It wasn’t so much the idea of journalism. It was the idea of writing. Journalism was the only way I felt I could be a writer and earn a living,” Gabriella Coslovich tells Annelise Answerth what motivated her.

Miranda Tay, features editor at The Weekly Review

“I was working at The Age and more and more print sections were let go. From then on redundancies were happening. Journalists basically had to re-invent themselves in this new social and digital world.” The Weekly Review’s Miranda Tay tells Georgia Manning about the need to adapt in changing times.

Tess Lawley, general manager at SYN Media

“This is the dream job. I did have a moment when I first got the job just like, ‘hang on a second, what do I do now since I’ve got my dream job?’” SYN Media boss Tess Lawley tells Emily Swain about her passion for community radio in a new series of Q&A interviews in which Swinburne students explore the challenges of journalism.



Jake Niall, chief AFL reporter at Fox Sports

“People who initiate things and who are self-starters, those traits will out-weigh a lot of other abilities.” Fox Sports’ Jake Niall tells Halle Skews what it takes to be a successful journalist.

Linda Pearce, chief tennis writer at The Age

“The need for instant copy and deadline stories is insatiable, so you just have to keep churning it out.” The Age’s chief tennis writer talks to Claudia Alp.

Seamus Bradley, editor of Royal Auto Magazine

“I do what any experienced editor would do, look at the stories from a reader’s perspective and make them as interesting as possible.” RoyalAuto magazine editor Seamus Bradley explains his role to Madeleine Neale.

Gay Alcorn, Melbourne editor of The Guardian Australia

“In my view, journalism has changed but it also hasn’t. Technologically, it’s changed. Culturally, it’s changed. But in terms of ethics, being fair and trying to get things right, I don’t think those things have changed.” The Guardian Australia’s Gay Alcorn talks to Vincent Dwyer.