Mel Evans, senior features writer for Australian Cosmopolitan

“The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that you should never have an expectation of what someone is going to be like before you interview them. You really have to go in there with an open mind. ” Mel Evans tells Alexandra Duffy about writing features for Australian Cosmopolitan .

Mitch Parker, features editor at Acclaim Magazine

“Every time someone tells me something there’s a little switch in the back of my head that’s like, ‘is that a story?’ and I don’t think that ever goes away. Well it hasn’t yet.” Mitch Parker, features editor at the men’s lifestyle Acclaim Magazine tells Adam Pereira about his commitment to the craft.


Laeta Crawford, editor at Newscorp Australia

“There is always a job out there. It’s just how persistent you are. To be a journalist you have to be persistent.” NewsCorp Australia editor Laeta Crawford talks to Brooke Grebert-Craig about her job.

Melina Sarris, journalist at Seven News

“Everyone’s got a story to tell and they might not have the means to tell it so we are their voice in a lot of cases.” Seven News journalist Melina Sarris talks to Kelly Masters about her work on TV.

Emily Angwin, Channel 7 journalist and presenter for the Carlton Football Club

“Court has been a really steep learning curve. I accidentally had a Supreme Court jury discharged when I reported on things the jury hadn’t heard. As soon as I found out I wrote a letter of apology to the court. Luckily it was the first or second day of the trial, but that was very frightening.” Channel 7’s Emily Angwin talks candidly to Georgia Smith.


Kris McKenzie, acting news director at Southern Cross Austereo in Melbourne

“Most positions these days require multiple skill sets. So the more experience you can get the better, and a good place to start can be at somewhere smaller where you’re forced learn a lot in a short time.” Kris McKenzie, acting news director at Southern Cross Austereo in Melbourne, also works as ‘The Rush Hour’ drive news presenter on 105.1 Triple-M. He talks to Sam Fantasia.

Adrian Dunn, senior journalist at G1X Racing

“For me, the clock is always on. I don’t clock off.” Racing journalist Adrian Dunn talks to Michael Hookey about his commitment to journalism.