Passion and practice: the path to music journalism

Passion and practice: the path to music journalism

“If you really want to be a music journalist, write your own reviews, write your own feature articles … write it at home for no one to see, but just write, write, write!”
Poppy Reid is the managing editor of Rolling Stone Australia and The Brag Media, Australia’s biggest independent music network. She answers Rebecca Martyn’s questions.

Cosplay: it’s so much more than dressing up

Cosplay is a combination of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. The participants of this type of performance art, known as cosplayers, wear costumes and…

Fact-checking online healthy food advice

As the number of social media influencers increases, especially in the field of giving nutritional advice, how can the average user know what’s true and false? Chelsea Byrne reports.

African Australians “demoralised” by bad press

Negative reporting on African Australians is undermining a sense of identity and misreporting of the so-called Apex gang reducing opportunities for youth, say community leaders. Donal Sheil reports.

Regulating opinion in Australia

An international study has found that Australia has the highest concentration of media ownership. Justin Currie-Smith explains media diversity and the massive influence of News Corp.


David Milner, editor of Game Informer

“As an editor, I just have to make sure content is good, I have to make it the best possible read. I need to make it worth paying for, that’s the real trick. People expect journalism for free now.”  David Milner, editor of Game Informer, talks to Donal Sheil.