No chance for first home buyers in Kooyong

Investment properties, exorbitant house prices and misleading information from agents is making it hard for first home buyers to buy property in Kooyong, write Steven Blacker and Dylan Piscioneri.

A new Aussie dream

Rising house prices and population pressures on supply raises the prospect that instead of buyng a home young Australians will rent an apartment all their lives. Donal Sheil reports.

Gearing not negative, says analyst

Some politicians and voters blame negative gearing for the current lack of housing affordability but analysts say there are many factors at play. Vincent Dwyer reports.

Giving shelter

Carrical House has saved many homeless Victorians from unsafe and overcrowded shelters, offering them a home and community with respect, dignity and hope. Simeon Bisas reports.

DIY housing: a squat to call home

Housing prices, family violence and mental health issues are driving many young Melburnians to squatting and homelessness. Peter Matthews reports.

Determined dreamers

A survey of young Australians has highlighted a crisis in the Melbourne’s rental market. Two-thirds of respondents had experienced difficulties in finding somewhere to rent.

The unavailability of suitable housing, and its affordability, top the list of concerns for the 202 men and women who responded to the survey by Swinburne University journalism students.

Other prominent grievances include accusations that real estate agents and landlords discriminate against the young. The Standard news team reports.