Bringing it all back home

Is it time we stopped blaming Gen Y’s wanderlust for declining home ownership rates? Yazmine Lomax reports.

Housing renewal cautiously welcomed

The Andrews government’s public housing renewal program’s new “socially mixed” estates may appeal to tenants but some experts say they fear its success is unlikely. Julius Dennis reports.

Medium density builds fear in Boroondara residents

Experts advising the State Government on planning have dismissed calls by Boroondara residents for their council to rezone their areas in fear of medium density destroying their quality of life. Breeanna Tirant reports.

Residents told to make room

Older Boroondara residents who refuse to make way for development are “better off moving to the countryside”. Elana Frost reports on a call to move aside.

Foreign investment red tape “making it harder”

The Foreign Investment Review Board (FRIB) faces criticism for complicating the buying process for legitimate residential purchases while doing little to prevent illegal purchases. Justin Currie-Smith reports.