Young mother’s birth surprise

Megan Bradford was 19 when she unexpectedly gave birth to her son Theodore without knowing she was pregnant. Dewi Sherry reports.

No more haze

Changing social attitudes towards smoking are saving Australian lives, reports Lina Mitri.

Will new laws make smokers quit for good?

Smoking rates in Australia have dropped significantly since the plain packaging laws were introduced, however it is still the number one cause of preventable deaths. Quit Victoria is working hard to make smoking history. Olivia King reports.

The online fitness fantasy

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to go on social media without getting caught up in the global fitness craze. But becoming obsessed with this trend can be harmful,  Kelly Masters reports

New skin, new life

Tattoo removal is giving clients a chance of starting over, reports Thomas Cunningham

The rise of ‘airy-fairy’ medicine

Dissatisfied patients are turning away from traditional Western medicine and towards alternatives that are yet to be proven safe, successful or reliable, reports Tarnay Sass