Deer “invasion” threat

An environmental planner warns that deer are causing increasing damage to agriculture in the Yarra Valley. Georgia Hill reports.

When shooting ducks is a family affair

Activists say that the family man is gone from duck hunting in Victoria. However, a Bairnsdale shooter in his late twenties sees things differently. Julius Dennis reports.

War on the wetlands

Members of a Geelong-based rescue team say they are determined to pressure the State Government to ban duck hunting on Victorian wetlands. Elle Richards reports.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

That sinking feeling

While sinkholes are considered natural phenomenon, experts believe human activity is increasing their prevalence, writes Vincent Dwyer.

Beyond grassroots

The introduction of genetically modified foods into Australia was heralded as an opportunity to increase efficiency and reduce water usage. However, skepticism in the community has encouraged residents to take matters into their own backyards. Donal Shiel reports.

The good fighter

Veteran environmentalist Federico Rossignoli once chained himself to a tree to help stop the damning of the Franklin River and risked his life handling deadly snakes. Christian Lagos reports.