Keep up or get left behind: Op shop finds an online niche

Op shopping might be all the rage for young hipsters keen to be sustainable, but as the modern market finds other ways to recycle and reuse, op shops will have to get creative to survive. Millicent Spencer reports.

Green “lungs” at risk fears

Development threatens protected environmental areas across Melbourne, says a longtime campaigner. Pieter Clarke reports.

Braving post bushfire “eco-anxiety”

Houses have been rebuilt but the mental health impacts of the February 2009 Black Saturday bushfires are still occurring in Victorian communities. Costa Haritos reports.

Go slow garb

Shareena Abdul Aziz reports on moves to improve ‘slow’ or sustainable fashion at a time of increasing concern over climate change.

Schools act on environment

Schools across Ballarat are doing their part to take care of our environment. Chelsea Byrne reports.

Environment funding call

A long-term environmentalist fears he might not be able to continue his work. Elise Unmack reports.