New light on young refugees

A program for refugee students at Keysborough College is providing insights on their experiences. Paige Conway reports.

Aerobics high flyers

The aerobics program at Ballarat Clarendon College is off to a flying start this season, with all four competition teams qualifying for the state finals. Chelsea Byrne reports.

Koori enrolments rise

Identity and community influence the rising rate of indigenous enrolments. Edwina Williams reports.

Overseas students “vulnerable” to casino culture

International students from overseas countries are vulnerable to casino culture, according to the Australian Gambling Research Centre. Nikhar Budhadev talks to some who have turned to gambling.

Support for international students increased

Swinburne University has started a new program to introduce international students to Australian culture and improve their learning. Regina Crystal Lavien reports.


Graduates struggle to find work

Thirty per cent of young Australians are either unemployed or under-employed and unpaid internships are replacing entry-level jobs. Michael Hookey reports.

Back to basics of Bahasa

Enrolments in Bahasa Indonesia classes are at record low in Victoria. Brooke Grebert-Craig reports on why this language is so important.

Job training for school-aged refugees

A school-based apprenticeship at Werribee Plains Gardens is among the job training initiatives helping young refugees adapt to language, lifestyle and education challenges in Australia, writes Sylvia Kovacevic.