Bodybuilders and rampant steroid use

The demand for performance and image enhancing drugs by bodybuilders and others seeking the “the hard, grainy look” is at an all-time high. The amount detected at the Australian border has increased by more than 750 per cent in the last decade, writes Nicolas Rivet.

Dehydration, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll

Losing control after taking drugs, drinking alcohol or a mix of both is common at music festivals. Add to that heat exhaustion and dehydration and it’s easy to see why some young people end up in big trouble. Georgia Manning reports

Drug use on the rise at local footy

It took a legendary player by the name of Ben Cousins for it to be recognized as an issue. But players and coaches have known for a long time that drug use is also prevalent at a suburban level, writes Ben Cotton

Traders call for CCTV footage to stop drug trade

Victoria Street, Abbotsford, has long been a destination for Vietnamese food and grocery stores and remains a hub of shopping in the area, but a closer look at the street reveals a darker undercurrent on select street corners and in front of closed shops. Ed Stapleton reports.

Dial a Dealer

He’s lost friends to suicide, others to overdoses, prison and even psychiatric wards. Eliot Davenport reports on the life and times of a Melbourne drug dealer.