Life of E’s has a downside full of difficulty

Peninsula and Bayside anti-drug campaigners and health workers don’t know the extent of recreational drug use, and disagree on the most promising solutions. Jet Nye reports.

Will new laws make smokers quit for good?

Smoking rates in Australia have dropped significantly since the plain packaging laws were introduced, however it is still the number one cause of preventable deaths. Quit Victoria is working hard to make smoking history. Olivia King reports.

Frankston on edge over ice epidemic

How to deal with drug-related assaults and break-ins has become a key election issue for residents in the diverse Dunkley electorate south-east of Melbourne, report Courtney Gillespie, Taylah Smith, Claire Towns and Alicia Titchmarsh.


Is pill testing a solution to drug overdoses?

Pill testing, which identifies what is in the pill an individual plans to take, has become seen as a safety measure at some events because it allows for a more informed decision. Matthew Hickey writes.

More middle class teenagers using drugs

Why are the children of comfortable middle-class families – whose parents work hard to provide all the creature comforts for their offspring – using recreational drugs at a younger and younger age? Christian Lagos reports.