Juries return to court, but backlog of cases is huge

After months of delays caused by COVID-19, jury trials resumed this week in Victoria’s Supreme and County courts. But it will take a long time to catch up. Alisha Centrone reports.

Do rewards pay off with actual justice?

Criminal Investigations rely on witness testimonies, but when rewards are offered, everyone’s motives are in question. Nadia Alaoui investigates.

Stay local – expert argues for a better way to help rural kids

Young people in country Victoria are being shortchanged by a system them forces them away from their community if they get into trouble with the law. A youth legal policy officer tells Meg Lyons that centralised justice isn’t necessarily the way to help rural kids.

What women really want: safer communities

Nearly half the young women in a survey of more than 28,000 people in their late teens felt unsafe walking home at night. Therese McMahon reports on a call for change.

The captive and the captor

A former guard and ex-inmate reveal what life is like inside Victoria’s youth justice centres. Mikaela Turner reports. 

A mother’s worst years

Murder trauma ruins the lives of families and changes attitudes in their communities. Edwina Williams reports.

Dirty money carnival claim

Millions of dollars in dirty drug money would have been legitimised during this year’s Spring Racing carnival, a former senior member of Victoria Police tells Tara Garward.

Elderly targetted in online scams

Older Australians are struggling to stay safe online, with email deception and a lack of password protection proving to be big problems, writes Madeleine Neale.