A “bush doof’s” transcendent music

Trigan Yeong has successfully created an unconventional living through electronic music – and an escape from disillusion with the world. Marcus Haritos reports.

The #metoo challenge in Melbourne’s “boys club” music scene

In the Melbourne music scene, artists and industry professionals are challenging the patriarchal norms. Aimee Cunningham writes that while acknowledging that sexism and inherent misogyny exists in music as elsewhere, there has been a push to change the cultures and attitudes ingrained in the industry.

Migrant strings in the mix

Musicians from diverse cultures who have enriched Melbourne’s music scene tell their stories of struggle and achievement. Shareena Abdul Aziz reports.

Defying the “dark void”

Websites such as Youtube provide young creators with a platform to share their own content, but more accessibility means more competition. Danny McSweeney reports.

Paying the piper for your arts dream

Artists have to compromise to earn a living or face an uncertain future doing it their way. Alara Yenisey reports.

Desert cultures connect through art

A small gallery in Amman offers locals and tourists a glimpse into contemporary Australian and Jordanian art. Thomas Cunningham reports.

Theeb: a Bedouin story

Meet the Bedouin who traveled from the deserts of Jordan to the red carpet of Venice Film Festival. Thomas Cunningham reports.

The sound and the flurry

Poets recite in a one-round slam to an amped-up crowd who stomp their feet and make dinosaur noises. Carmen May reports on Melbourne’s changing live poetry scene.