Limits help creativity? That’s bananas!

Victoria’s lockdown restrictions have forced many artists to put creative projects on hold. But independent filmmaker Alex Ibarra says that’s the perfect time to prepare for your next big thing. Alex Catalano reports.

Jordan Mackampa: a soulful journey

Born in the Republic of the Congo and raised in London, Jordan Mackampa’s debut recording explores feelings of alienation, love and his own journey from boyhood to manhood.

Dancing out of isolation

Online classes might become a part of the core curriculum for this ballet and stretch company in the future. Marian Whyte reports

The games people playlist

Changes in access to music are influencing our preferences, writes Tori Goldsbrough

The business of ceramic art

At 19, Mornington Peninsula-based artist, Matilda Foley, has a business, making her own homewares out of ceramics. Elise Unmack reports.

Dancing the dream

Others in the family have danced but young April Prato was the one to run with it, writes Chelsea Byrne.