Characters, skulls and making art

Zoe Meehan’s art is all-consuming – an intense world of character, form, colour, and stories, as well as growing technical skills. Words and photographs by Jack Meehan.

Why I stayed: Out-of-towners who stuck out the lockdown in Melbourne

Melbourne – a culturally diverse and artsy city with great bars and restaurants – has long been a drawcard for young people from across the country. But when our long lockdown began, the exodus was huge – anyone with somewhere else they could be, departed. Jack Crnjanin talked to some who chose to stay.

TikTok: The Rise of #ArmourBae

Clad in armour, holding an axe and having a great time doing it, Jacob Turner is taking Tik Tok by storm with his positive message. Emily Spindler-Carruthers reports.

Passion and practice: the path to music journalism

Passion and practice: the path to music journalism

“If you really want to be a music journalist, write your own reviews, write your own feature articles … write it at home for no one to see, but just write, write, write!”
Poppy Reid is the managing editor of Rolling Stone Australia and The Brag Media, Australia’s biggest independent music network. She answers Rebecca Martyn’s questions.