Stigmatised Jobs

Backyards calling

With a recent study showing few musicians earn more than $10,000 per year, some are seeking innovative ways to make ends meet. Shaun Perry reports.

Waiting to be served with fairness

Ex-sales staff at a Melbourne shoe shop say they’re still feeling the pinch of exploitation and favouritism months after leaving the store. Dominic Rogers reports.

Low pay, long hours part and parcel of the postal round

Proverbially, ‘posties’ could be relied upon to deliver come rain, snow, sleet or hail. Now they carry an extra weight – the sense that their importance the community isn’t reflected in their pay. Brenna Dempsey reports.

Clean up your act, says passion to power

Many, though not all, of today’s sex workers are legal – but still they don’t always feel the love. Hailey McKenzie reports in a series on undervalued and stigmatised work.

Who’ll look after us when we are gone? They will

Funeral services today can unite the latest insights of psychology with the embalmer’s ancient art. But, as Zehra Basak learns, even professionals occasionally reach breaking point.