Kris McKenzie, acting news director at Southern Cross Austereo in Melbourne

“Most positions these days require multiple skill sets. So the more experience you can get the better, and a good place to start can be at somewhere smaller where you’re forced learn a lot in a short time.” Kris McKenzie, acting news director at Southern Cross Austereo in Melbourne, also works as ‘The Rush Hour’ drive news presenter on 105.1 Triple-M. He talks to Sam Fantasia.

Rose Johnstone, Time Out Melbourne editor

“Going into things you’re unsure of and just saying, ‘I’m gonna try’ are the best kinds of experiences.” Time Out Melbourne editor, Rose Johnstone, talks to Scott Renton about her approach to journalism and work on the lifestyle and culture magazine.

Michael Cathcart, ABC Radio National Books and Arts presenter

“I now try to ask at least one hard question every interview, and if I can work towards it sensitively and honestly, it’s usually the highlight of the interview.” ABC Radio National Books and Arts presenter Michael Cathcart tells Thomas Cunningham about his time on radio.



Nikki Markcovicks, journalist and news reader at Fox FM

“There’s plenty of stories I’ve felt very emotional about and not wanted to run them, but it is what it is. You present the facts and let the people make up their own opinion on the story.” Journalist and news reader at Fox FM, Nikki Markcovicks, talks to Breeanna Tirant.

Jeremy Story Carter, digital content producer

“Seeing stories in everything, or seeing kernels of ideas that are stories. And I guess, trusting your sense of curiosity. One of the mistakes I made was too often thinking I should know the answer to things.” Jeremy Story Carter, talks to Tarnay Sass about his work as a digital content producer.


Leanne Clancey, freelance restaurant critic and food writer

“Working as a freelancer is not for the faint-hearted. Like most freelance creatives that I know, I’ve had plenty of teary meltdowns and a lot of trying times because of the fairly constant uncertainty.” Restaurant critic and food writer Leanne Clancey tells Christine Byllaardt about the challenges of the job.

Jason Edwards, National Geographic photographer

“Being compassionate and patient is incredibly important when trying to tell the story of people who are suffering. It’s not about you it’s about them.” For National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards, photography is a way of life. He talks to Derek Schlennstedt.