Kathy Lord, ABC Victorian online news producer

“If you don’t doubt your ability as a journalist you’re probably arrogant and stupid.” Victorian online news producer Kathy Lord talks to Courtney Gillespie about life as a journalist in Canada and Australia.

Richard Baker, investigative journalist at The Age

“I think it’s important that journalists shouldn’t view people and stories as scalps.” Richard Baker, investigative journalist for The Age, talks to Joshua Resnick about what it takes to be an investigative journalist.

Melissa Singer, The Age’s fashion and lifestyle editor

“It may not change the world or bring down a government but you need someone to take the time, cultivate relationships and find good stories and not treat it as a throwaway area.” The Age’s fashion and lifestyle editor Melissa Singer talks to Cleona Mirdin.

Rachael Brown, ABC journalist

“Brave journalism needs brave people to back it. You’ve got to have brave bosses who are willing to back you, and give you the luxury of time.” ABC journalist Rachael Brown talks with reporter Shelby Garlick about what led to her ground-breaking podcast investigation Trace.

Patrick Wood, digital journalist at ABC News Breakfast

“I’ve found I’m now more interested in the human stories … about people and their struggles, or learning something inspiring that someone has done, something that makes you look at the world a little differently.” Danny McSweeney talks to digital journalist Patrick Wood, from ABC News Breakfast.

Bridget Hustwaite, presenter at Triple J

“It’s a tough gig. Things don’t just happen for you overnight so it’s important to remember why you started in the first place.” Triple J presenter Bridget Hustwaite talks to Nicolas Rivet.