Q & A

Anna Byrne, Herald Sun fashion reporter

“It’s a crazy world but it’s unlike any other job. Every single day is different.” Anna Byrne, fashion reporter for the Herald Sun, speaks to Emma Curry.

The Age features editor Maher Mughrabi

“I’m the son of the east and the west, my mom is British and my dad is Palestinian. My background and work became very heavily involved with each other.” Noof Alnadabi speaks to Maher Mughrabi.

Triple R presenter/cinephile Thomas Caldwell

“The beauty and the skill of criticism is that it’s about expressing and
enhancing the film for the reader, making your enthusiasm and interest contagious.” Thomas Caldwell talks to Georgia Hill about his career as a freelance film critic and presenter on Triple R radio.

Channel Seven journalist Cassie Zervos

“Sometimes all you need is someone to believe in you and take a chance on you.” Channel Seven journalist, Cassie Zervos, speaks to Jessiie Rees Dielenberg about her award-winning career.

Lana Murphy, Nine News Melbourne journalist

“Be the hardest working person in the room and be the nicest person in the room and you can’t go wrong.” Emilia Fuller talks to Nine News journalist Lana Murphy.

Triple J presenter Nat Tencic

“I can’t believe it’s my job. I love breaking down barriers, having conversations no one else is having and hearing people’s real stories.” Nat Tencic, Triple J presenter and host of The Hook Up, speaks to Molly Jones.

ABC Central West NSW reporter Donal Sheil

“Perfection with content is an illusion and it’s only by going through that creative process from start to finish over and over that the repetition starts to coalesce.” Donal Sheil talks to James Noonan about what it takes to build a career in journalism.

Benjamin Preiss, political reporter for The Age

“Having covered politics for several years now, I feel even more strongly that I’ll never run as an MP.” Benjamin Preiss, state political reporter at The Age, talks to Freya Fajgman.

Mornington News journalist Stephen Taylor

“But as reporters, we’re not looking for the good stories, we don’t care if it’s good or bad. We probably prefer if it to be bad though.” Mornington News journalist, Stephen Taylor, speaks to Emily Northover.