Q & A

Benjamin Preiss, political reporter for The Age

“Having covered politics for several years now, I feel even more strongly that I’ll never run as an MP.” Benjamin Preiss, state political reporter at The Age, talks to Freya Fajgman.

Mornington News journalist Stephen Taylor

“But as reporters, we’re not looking for the good stories, we don’t care if it’s good or bad. We probably prefer if it to be bad though.” Mornington News journalist, Stephen Taylor, speaks to Emily Northover.

Country broadcast journalist Phil Holmes

“Journalism makes you think ‘I’m not trying to hurt anyone, I’m just trying to report the news’ and people need to realise that.” Phil Holmes, broadcast journalist for Ace Radio Station Hamilton, spoke to Samantha McCombe.

Freelance travel writer Mark Daffey

“The best is the freedom of the lifestyle. The worst is the money.” Freelance travel writer, editor and photographer Mark Daffey talks to Imogen Hartmann.

The Conversation’s Anthea Batsakis

“I’ve been rejected more times than I’ve been accepted. It’s hard, but you learn from it. You try somewhere else and you realise it’s not as scary as you think.” Anthea Batsakis, The Conversation’s deputy editor of politics and society, speaks to Carla Deale.

Courier Ballarat reporter Ashleigh McMillan

“When you feel like you’ve done the story justice, that’s a really satisfying day.” Reporter at The Courier Ballarat, Ashleigh McMillan, spoke to Chelsea Byrne.

Photographer Penny Stephens

“Working for a newspaper you really feel like you have the keys to the city. You would do a job where you get to see the city from a perspective nobody ever gets to see.” Photographer Penny Stephens speaks to Nikita Helm.