Chris Woods, freelance journalist at Crikey

Chris Woods is a Melbourne-based freelance journalist who writes about science, politics and social affairs. His work has appeared in Scum Magazine, Crikey, Junkee and The Saturday Paper. He speaks to James Arbuthnott.

Star News Group journalist, Kyra Gillespie

“It was just doing a single journalism subject that made me realise how much I loved it, it brought in writing, storytelling and intertwined it into one awesome, unpredictable job.” Star News Group journalist, Kyra Gillespie, tells Breanna Taylor how she became a cadet reporter.

Duncan Hughes, AFR senior journalist

“There’s two ways of getting to work as a journalist overseas. One is to be appointed and have your work pay your fares and set you up, the other is to get on your bike and go there. I got on my bike in most cases.” AFR senior journalist and section editor Duncan Hughes talks to Travis Medhurst about being a career journalist.

Konrad Marshall, staff writer at Good Weekend

“I fell in love with her while she was studying in Australia … Her small town is where I started in journalism really.” Konrad Marshall, staff writer at Good Weekend, formerly US-based, author of Yellow and Black: A Season with Richmond, shares insights with Dylan J Bruce.

Fiona Pepper, ABC Radio features producer

“Your safety is more important than a story and I think sometimes that can get lost with deadlines.” Fiona Pepper, features producer for the ABC, speaks to Rebecca Johansen.

David Heslin, editor of Screen Education

“These days we are at a point where writers expect to write for free which I fear is leading to a real devaluation of writing as a profession.” David Heslin, editor of Screen Education, sub-editor at Metro Magazine and member of the Senses of Cinema editorial team, speaks to Abbey Thorpe.

Janice Breen Burns, editor-in-chief at VoxFrock

“Fashion is the visual history of us as human beings. It is reactive and it’s something that you can watch evolve in front of your eyes.” Janice Breen Burns, editor-in-chief at VoxFrock, speaks to Tayla Wilson.

Sandi Sieger, Onya Magazine’s editor-in-chief

“I’ve always said that networking is like online dating but without the dating. You should try and have a coffee with different people each week.” Sandi Sieger, director and editor-in-chief of Onya Magazine talks to Caitlin Dougherty.

OZ African TV’s Dorcas Utkovic

“As a journalist, producer or anything along those lines, you really have to love it or eventually you just drop off when things get hard. And trust me it does get hard.” OZ African TV’s Dorcas Utkovic speaks to Gemma Rowley.