Q & A

Linda Pearce, chief tennis writer at The Age

“The need for instant copy and deadline stories is insatiable, so you just have to keep churning it out.” The Age’s chief tennis writer talks to Claudia Alp.

Seamus Bradley, editor of Royal Auto Magazine

“I do what any experienced editor would do, look at the stories from a reader’s perspective and make them as interesting as possible.” RoyalAuto magazine editor Seamus Bradley explains his role to Madeleine Neale.

Gay Alcorn, Melbourne editor of The Guardian Australia

“In my view, journalism has changed but it also hasn’t. Technologically, it’s changed. Culturally, it’s changed. But in terms of ethics, being fair and trying to get things right, I don’t think those things have changed.” The Guardian Australia’s Gay Alcorn talks to Vincent Dwyer.

Kylie Northover, arts features writer at The Age

“I don’t think you can ever stop honing your craft. That sounds so wanky, but it’s true.” Age arts journalist Kylie Northover talks to Holley Gawne in a new series of Q&A interviews in which Swinburne students explore the challenges of journalism.