Philippa Hawker, film writer for The Australian

Philippa Hawker, film writer for The Australian

“…To interview her there in that environment felt like a dream. I had to pinch myself.” Philippa Hawker, film writer for The Australian talks to Mikaela Turner about her expansive film writing career.

Freelance travel writer Julietta Jameson

“Journalism is one of the greatest things you can do in the world. I think because of the variety, you can truly make a difference.” Freelance travel writer Julietta Jameson talks to Davina Deluao about travelling the world as a journalist.

Star Weekly journalist Benjamin Millar

“I was frustrated and worried about what was happening … It was just a mini vent.” Benjamin Millar, Journalist at the Star Weekly, talks to Breanna Harris about the Twitter thread which changed how the media were reporting on African Australian communities.

Producer and reporter Jessica Moran, Southern Cross News Tasmania

” You learn from experience. Once you have done every story you possibly can from court, sport, community and all the colour stories, the second time is always easier.” Southern Cross News journalist Jess Moran speaks to Sinead McComish about her career as a reporter.

Sarah Olle, journalist and digital producer at Fox Sports

“Do I think I’m treated differently? Definitely by some of the older people in the establishment – not by people in my generation. I think that’s slowly dying out.” Fox Sport’s journalist and digital producer Sarah Olle talks to Amanda Kirkovski.

Basketball Forever journalist Nick Jungfer

“You surprise yourself with what you become interested in and how much you enjoy it.” Nick Jungfer, Basketball Forever’s lead writer, talks about the competitive nature of sports journalism and what made him the writer he is today. Jet Nye reports.

Channel Ten journalist Yasmin Paton

“Being sensitive as a journalist can be a really positive trait. The job does toughen you up though.” Channel Ten journalist, Yasmin Paton, speaks to Brittany Lanyon.