The soundtrack for her life

The soundtrack for her life

Lady Shaula has graced the global stage, but she is just getting started. Mikaela Turner reports.

Making a “shed life” for men

“Stick a bench and some tools between two guys, and they’ll yak for hours.” Mitchell Gardner speaks to the president of the Safety Beach/Dromana Men’s Shed about his experiences with the group.

Campaigning for a “priority” Greens win again

Sam Hibbins, one of the first two Greens candidates elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly at the last election, aims to hold onto Prahran. Abbey Thorpe reports.

Bowling back from the brink

Doctors thought Mark Simcocks, owner of Melbourne’s first bowling alley, would be wheelchair-bound after a stroke. Partly blind, he taught himself to bowl backwards and still get a strike. Travis Medhurst reports.

From the first lick

Bernadette Crick fell in love with the idea of baking after making a drum-themed cake for her son’s 16th birthday. Tayla Wilson reports.

A luthier’s low-tech high

Chris Wynne can teach anyone how to build their own guitar. The therapy is a bonus, writes Joshua Resnick.

Shoe-in for rights activist

Human rights worker and feminist, Minari Fernando, left her career for a baby and a sewing machine. Amy Williams reports.

A puppeteer’s threads

“In puppetry you are a performer. You are on stage. You are nude in front of the people and their emotions are massive.” Argentinian born Gonzalo Valera talks to Travis Medhurst about art and life.

George Norman: a life dedicated to poultry

George Norman has won many prestigious awards for his chooks, including this year’s Supreme Champion at the Melbourne Show. Olivia King reports.