Fashioning lyrical photos

In an industry ruled by perfect poses, a photographer inspired by music is focussing on a “less obvious” beauty. James Noonan reports.

Pharaoh’s back for Prahran

After falling short by 31 votes in 2014, Neil Pharaoh once again is trying to win Prahran for Labor. Sam Mills reports.

Greens candidate goes grassroots

Greens candidate for disgraced MP Telmo Languiller’s seat to present a “credible alternative”, but knows she’ll lose. Oscar Perri reports

Chasing a “better” deal way out West

Arnav Sati Craves Attention for a Neglected Safe Seat. Tarneit is Labor country, but an independent with his heart in the west is urging for change, writes Julius Dennis.

Konrad Marshall, staff writer at Good Weekend

“I fell in love with her while she was studying in Australia … Her small town is where I started in journalism really.” Konrad Marshall, staff writer at Good Weekend, formerly US-based, author of Yellow and Black: A Season with Richmond, shares insights with Dylan J Bruce.

Talking tough challenges in Tarneit

The ALP’s Sarah Connolly sees opportunities in infrastructure planning to ensure “great lives” in a fast-growing electorate where youth crime has been highly publicised. Madeline Bourn reports.

Doctor promises strong medicine for Prahran

A paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Dr Katie Allen aims to regain Prahran for the the Liberal Party at the Victorian election. Abbey Thorpe reports.

A “bush doof’s” transcendent music

Trigan Yeong has successfully created an unconventional living through electronic music – and an escape from disillusion with the world. Marcus Haritos reports.

Young refugee’s halal success

He came by boat and spent months in detention. Within a decade of his release his business acumen is paying off. “Work hard, be confident and trust yourself,” Khan Hazara reveals the secret to success. Roushan Jafari reports.