The man behind the mask

His songs have racked up millions of plays across the internet, but Tony Jeffery still faces constant censorship of his alter ego, Tonetta. Issie Soudy reports.

Now you see it … 650 times!

Tayissa Artomonow may seem like the average Melbournian, an event manager who enjoys live entertainment. But dig a little deeper and Tayissa is more than just your average Melbournian, she is a diehard magic fan who has seen over 650 shows. Millicent Spencer reports.

TikTok: The Rise of #ArmourBae

Clad in armour, holding an axe and having a great time doing it, Jacob Turner is taking Tik Tok by storm with his positive message. Emily Spindler-Carruthers reports.

Unbowed: The man who’s taken on mining giant Adani

What makes a man stick by his convictions and risk everything being sold from under him for the sake of the environment? Jack Meehan talks to an activist who has put everything on the line in his fight against coal mining.

Polio: the forgotten disease

In Australia there were major polio epidemics in the late 1930s and 1950s, during which time, schools, pools, state borders were closed. People who…

Audio Documentary: Dharma in Life

“Dharma is everything about life and all things surround us are dharma”. Learning dharma means learning about your life, but when some people hear…