Climate change rallies the young

Olivia Kosmas talks to some young climate protesters who are willing to sacrifice their education to protest this issue.

It’s Bigger Than Higgins

Scratch the surface in the inner-Melburnian seat of Higgins and there are big issues – issues that cut right across the country. James Murphy reports.

Migrants want a chance to contribute

Migrants in one of Australia’s most diverse electorates say they can solve the issues facing their community. Oscar Perri reports.

Pharaoh’s back for Prahran

After falling short by 31 votes in 2014, Neil Pharaoh once again is trying to win Prahran for Labor. Sam Mills reports.

McMansions “take over” fears

Increasing population and the development of McMansions sees fear of change to Boroondara lifestyle. Elise Chan reports.

Greens candidate goes grassroots

Greens candidate for disgraced MP Telmo Languiller’s seat to present a “credible alternative”, but knows she’ll lose. Oscar Perri reports

Chasing a “better” deal way out West

Arnav Sati Craves Attention for a Neglected Safe Seat. Tarneit is Labor country, but an independent with his heart in the west is urging for change, writes Julius Dennis.

Labor despite a mother’s caution

Though he remembers hearing his mother say, “all Labor politicians are crooks”, John Kennedy is campaigning in the hope of becoming Hawthorn’s first Labor MP since 1955. Edwina Williams reports.