The #metoo challenge in Melbourne’s “boys club” music scene

In the Melbourne music scene, artists and industry professionals are challenging the patriarchal norms. Aimee Cunningham writes that while acknowledging that sexism and inherent misogyny exists in music as elsewhere, there has been a push to change the cultures and attitudes ingrained in the industry.

Essendon airport changes worry locals

Residents are furious about planned curfew changes and proposals to allow large commercial jets carrying passengers and freight at Essendon Airport. Charlotte Butcher reports.

Tarneit church loses faith

A church in Tarneit says double the amount of charity work in the area would only scratch the surface. Oscar Perri reports.

When words are weapons

Australian Holocaust experts came together to speak about the impact of language in propaganda and lessons to be learned from the murder of six million. Ainsleigh Oates reports.