Sex worker fears over US bill

An estimated 100,000 or more Australian “sugar babies” using social networking platforms to conduct business could be among sex workers around the world impacted by a US bill. Rachel Dodemaide reports

Walk a mile in my tattoos

Despite increased popularity, the social stigma regarding body art remains, especially for people who are heavily tattooed. Sasha Lahen-Kempas reports.

How Netflix makes or breaks the movies

With 100 million plus subscribers, it could be assumed that Netflix opens up the global film market to audiences around the world. However, the American entertainment company might be doing more harm than good, writes Isobelle Caterer.

OZ African TV’s Dorcas Utkovic

“As a journalist, producer or anything along those lines, you really have to love it or eventually you just drop off when things get hard. And trust me it does get hard.” OZ African TV’s Dorcas Utkovic speaks to Gemma Rowley.